Concept of culture

Business concept:

wisdom,good faith,and superior products;


Business concept:

Keep supplying ideal equipment and value-added service to target customers;

Sanxiong will supply ideal auto maintenance and auto inspection equipment to our end users and dealers forever;

Sanxiong supplies the best over-value service service of the industry;


Brand advantage:

Professional,supportive and series-based business model is the powerful guarantee for customers’long-term development.

Grasp international high-end four-wheel positioning technology,have the world’s first-rate technical research center,the fastest in upgrading product technology and lead the trend of technology;

Have the longest and broadest product line with the world’s cutting-edge location technology;

Intellectual property and independent research and production may lead to the maximum customer value delivery;

Scientific network service management and supervision platform;the after-sales service guarantee system is complete and will free users from future worries.

Boast nationwide top-grade professional engineering team that offers meticulous,timely and satisfactory service;

We have the most complete,the most systematic large vehicle and small vehicle position indicator training institute across China and provide the most advanced theories and hands-on training.

We can realize the upgrading and renewal of software of later stage.The data will be upgraded every two years to make sure your four-wheel positioning will never fall behind the times.