Michelin CCP purchase platform 
From June 2012, our 3D position indicator, lifting machine, and tyre equipment products entered Michelin Mile and the central purchase platform. In 2014, SUNSHINE four-wheel position indicator became the designated product for the preliminary contest and final of Michelin’s blue-collar heroes. 


In May 2015,15 members of the Training Department of Continental Tires came to Haide SUNSHINE for the training meeting on the four-wheel position indicator.

In May 2105,we concluded the supply agreement with Continental Tires and installed the complete positioning equipment at the training center of Hefei head office of Continental Tires.

In 2016,experts of Haide offered several training meetings to the clients of Continental Tires at the training center in Hefei.

In 2017,the No.2 brand Baishide training meeting was held in the Hefei Training Center of Continental Tires.

Cooperation with Goodyear Tires

In September 2013,Haide SUNSHINE concluded the Memorandum of Cooperation with the head office of Goodyear Tires factory and entered into strategic cooperation.Besides,we also installed a S-F9 product for the training center of its head office.

From 2014 till now,two senior experts of Haide were invited as guest lecturer by Goodyear’s head office and trained more than 300 retailers for Goodyear every year.

The certificate of authorization for Goodyear’s Fangshuang brand in 2016

Training meeting on the“double brand authorization”between SUNSHINE and Goodyear Tires in 2016;


In 2007, photoelectric locator went to the equipment supplier of GM’s Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet’s 4S network. 
In 2009, 3D product replaced photoelectric products to be re-selected as SAIC Motor’s general system; 
In 2015, our company entered into strategic cooperation with with SAIC GMAC. 


In 2015, our company entered into strategic partnership with the Chexiangjia Auto Service Center of SAIC Motor. Now it has offered products and services to more than 1,000 customers.   


From 2014, Haide entered into strategic cooperation with BP (Castrol) and provided it with special four-wheel position indicator and lifting equipment.