July 1998

Our company's first pull-wire all-computer four-wheel aligner was born;

March 1999

The laser wired full computer four-wheel aligner was grandly introduced to the market;

May 2000

The laser wireless(infrared communication)full computer four-wheel alignment device was successfully developed;

March 2002

Launched a dual-power four-wheel aligner capable of simultaneously applying wireless and wired dual functions

October 2003

The successful development of bluetooth communication products,marking that our company's technology has entered the latest field;

May 2004

Our company is the first in the industry to launch China's first CCD four-wheel aligner;

October 2004

The new chip technology head sensor has been successfully applied to products,making our products even more advanced in the industry;

March 2005

Successfully developed China's first large vehicle positioning system for large vehicle inspection and successfully launched it to the market;

December 2005

The CCD locator technology is fully upgraded,with the introduction of electronic level,electronic corner plate,and full application of liquid crystal display technology to meet the needs of various users;

June 2006

The software and hardware systems of the CCD locator have been fully upgraded,and more technical upgrades have been realized,such as the mechanical turntable replacing the electronic turntable,the camber memory function,and the zero loss measurement;

September 2006

The product of the trolley locator system has been fully upgraded,with the addition of a double-bridge detection system and a double-front axle correction system,which are suitable for the measurement and calibration of various large vehicles;

December 2006

The semi-trailer measuring device of the trolley locator system was successfully developed and introduced to the market;

May 2007

The portable semi-trailer measuring system was successfully developed and introduced to the market;

August 2007

The locator adds dual power supply system and voltage display function;

December 2007

The laser locator technology has been fully upgraded,and new functions such as electronic level and electronic corner disk have been introduced.The new laser software has been launched at the same time,with more comprehensive functions and more convenient operation;

February 2008

The quick trolley locator,which does not require computer display,was successfully developed and introduced to the market;

March 2008

The new low-power CCD locator was successfully developed;

August 2009

The country’s first real 3D locator product was launched...

September 2010

The flagship version of the domestic high-end 3D locator,which leads the industry,is officially launched on the market;

May 2011

The first domestic software to automatically track the lifting camera beam to the market;

March 2012

The highest configuration of domestic software and hardware 3D four-wheel aligner G9 is introduced to the market;

March 2013

VIN technology is applied to the database,fully upgraded,and has the most complete database in the world;

August 2014

Successfully researched and tested the new 3D software with a new data architecture,and achieved a better customer experience in terms of measurement speed,accuracy and stability

January 2016

3D locator 6.4 million camera,small target plate,and three-jaw fixture were successfully listed;

August 2017

The world's first positioning adjustment accessory version 4.0 software was launched

January 2019

The world's first tire pattern detector and ADAS correction system were successfully launched

October 2019

Globally produced ADAS dedicated locator and version 5.0 actual software successfully developed