Market concept

Market view:find needs,grasp trends and reach objective;

Finding needs,grasping opportunities,and taking voluntary action when facing the market are Haide’s active market concept;

Grasping the users’diverse needs and their vein of change is the key to win the market.Our marketing personnel shall have the ability in controlling the changing trend.

All the efforts are aimed at fulfilling the market objective.We shall by no means give up until the last moment.


Brand concept:create the most valuable brand of the industry;

Brand is the fruit of the intelligence and hard work of Haide people.All the Haide employees must love their own brand and shall invest the brand with new vitality through continuous efforts and innovation.

Future market competition boils down to brand competition.Brand is the treasure for Haide’s success.

We realize brand appreciation through integrated communication,which allows Haide Sanxiong to become the most valuable brand of the four-wheel locator market.


Competitive view:specialization,execution,the overall situation

Competition concept:professionalization,execution and vision of overall situation.

Being highly professional is the essential quality of all the marketing personnel and marketing supportive personnel of Haide.We tolerant no negligence or mistakes in terms of professional issues.

Outstanding execution is the fundamental guarantee for winning competitive advantage in market.

Marketing personnel with favorable vision of overall situation,open mind and wide knowledge can win the good graces of customers and the respect of competitors.