GE1218E Car Battery Removing Lift

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: GE1218E Car Battery Removing Lift
    • Commodity ID: 1076859907144830976

    1. It is suitable for battery pack/driving motor dismounting and installation. Also can disassemble the engines, gearboxes,car axles and other service of vehicles. 
    2. 1600x800mm big working platform, equipped with rubber pads, could lift the large-size battery packs.
    3. The working platform can tilt backward and forward, left and right at a range of ±20mm and could move from left to right at a range of ±20mm. It could align the holes in all direction during battery installation.
    4. Adopt enclosed housing base, beautiful appearance.
    5. Hydraulic driving pump station is working with DC48V, with mechanical safety locks, much more stable, safe and efficient.
    6. Wired remote control, electric control system is working with DC48V , safer and faster.
    7. Equipped with electric driving system, large torque range guarantees easy transportation and steering. 
    8. The power source is supplied by independent battery, no need other external power.
    9. Equipped with a control panel that can display the battery voltage in real time; there is a tool box in the base, perfectly for tools and parts’ storage.



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