3D Series SP-G6T

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: 3D Series SP-G6T
    • Commodity ID: 1076861366188003328
    Products advantages:
    32〞LED TV display, fully shows glamour of 3D technology. 
    Beam height can be adjustable automatically. 
    Cabinet can be moved.
    No need to see the computer screen in the process of vehicle pushing, indicative light around camera could guide the operation.
    Standard configuration:
    Movable compact cabinet ,32〞LED TV, DELL computer, Mini Target plates,Three-fingers clamp,Brake fixer, Steering Wheel fixer, Wedge pads , Steel Turntables, Turntable transition blocks.
    Basic functions:
    Parameters measurement such as camber, Caster, Kingpin inclination, Toe-in & Toe-out, Set back, Thrust angle
    Extensive functions:
    Removing Tire Adjustment(Purchasing Rim adapter),Body Dimension Measurement,
    Steering Wheel Adjustment,Engine Bay Adjustment,Toe Curvature Measurement(Purchasing B5 Tool Kits), Lock Toe Adjustment.
    Automatic tracking beam

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