Wheel Balancer S909B

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: Wheel Balancer S909B
    • Commodity ID: 1076858999979790336

    LCD screen, under the ALU mod, could choose 12 o 'clock or 6 o 'clock position to glue the balance block.
    Under multiple balancing mode, could clamp the balance weight and paste it on.
    Troubleshooting and self-protective.
    Suitable for steel and aluminum alloy rim.
    With grating automatic scale, automatic measure A/D rim.
    With laser function, convenient to indicate where to paste balance weight.
    With radar, automatic measure the B value ( rim width )
    With HTD rim segmentation function, OPT function
    Optional:Motor lock function, easy to place the balance weight and do rim segmentation.

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