QJY-J-50 High Lifting Type Low Profile Alignment Scissor Lift

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: QJY-J-50 High Lifting Type Low Profile Alignment Scissor Lift
    • Commodity ID: 1076861099728064512


    1.Max. lifting capacity is 5,000 kg, suitable for lifting and testing of large commercial vehicles and large SUVs. Min. height is only 265 mm. Long ramps are packaged as standard. Suitable for on-ground installation. Max. lifting height of main platforms is 2,080mm. Sub-platforms can be extended for vehicles with various lengths.
    2.With innovative easy leveling cylinders and power system, the lift can be levelled easily and safely by one balancing button.
    3.Security devices such as automatic alarm and photocell security unit are packaged as standard.  Options such as LED lights for chassis, tool box, pneumatic sliding plate are available for more convenient operation.
    4.Imported hydraulic seals guarantee the reliability of the whole system.
    5.Control system is made up of PCBs and Siemens electrical components , more durable and reliable.

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