Tire changer STC-888

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: Tire changer STC-888
    • Commodity ID: 1076858875216023552


    •The switch is made of high strength silver contacts.
    •Dismounting head is automatically flip system, have the column side swing and rear swing arm advantage in one.
    •Double rotating speed 7 rpm / min-14 rpm / rpm is optional , improve work efficiency, especially for tire factory production line, cars modification factory.
    •Assist arm pressure roller pneumatic locking, more convenient and quick.
    •Unique large shovel device to avoid crushing the rim.
    •Humanized lead block recycling device. 
    •Advanced pneumatic assist arm, more suibtale for flat, large diameter tire disassembly
    •Pulsed Inflatable way.
    •Large shovel jacket with 6mm anti-skid design.


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