QJ-Y-2-40A Two-post Clear Floor Lift (Manual Unlocking)

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: QJ-Y-2-40A Two-post Clear Floor Lift (Manual Unlocking)
    • Commodity ID: 1076860062468296704
    1. One-piece steel bending structure carriage, new structure stiffening plate,beautiful and strong.
    2. With 2 sections front arms and 3-section rear arms ,suitable for different wheel base vehicles. 
    3. International famous oil seal ring,reduce oil-leaking rate,advanced power unit.
    4.Safety protection:Anti-explosion oil pipe , mechanical lock, self-lock arms.
    5. High strength structure design, totally comply with CE standard.
    6. Lifting height up to 1900mm, drive through clearance is 2500mm.
    Whole design more suitable for tire mounting, chassis repair, oil change, vehicle precheck, etc.


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