SXJS3018D Double Scissor Lift (In-ground Installation)

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: SXJS3018D Double Scissor Lift (In-ground Installation)
    • Commodity ID: 1076860639730356224
    1. High rigidity, good synchronization performance.
    2. In-ground installation, the minimum height is 340mm, save space, beautiful and durable.
    3. Imported hydraulic seals, the whole system is stable, and with hydraulic and mechanical protection, safe and reliable;
    4. Platform is adjustable, standard configuration is double side extended(Maximum length 2060mm), Model SXJS3018 is single sides extended (Maximum length 1760mm).
    5. Lifting height up to 1800mm, suitable for taller persons operation.
    6. When the lift lower, buzzer will alarm to ensure the safety of personal.
    7. Limited switch can keep equipment long-term security and stability, prolong the service life.
    The overall design is very suitable for dismounting tires,chassis repair, oil change and fast repair maintenance, preflight .


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