SXJS3519 Low Profile Full Rise Small Scissor Lift

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  • Description
    • Commodity name: SXJS3519 Low Profile Full Rise Small Scissor Lift
    • Commodity ID: 1076860686207438848
    1.Equiped with easy leveling design, bring you a simple and fast leveling adjustment. Much lower failure rate than before; These two oil circuit systems are hydraulic locked  each other, which is safe and secure.
    2.Standard oil circuit lock, and optional mechanical lock together.
    3.Minimum height is only 115mm,suitable for on ground installation. .Main platform length is 1470mm, can be extended to 2042mm
    4. Scissor arms with International Standard solid steel Q345
    5. Dual-circuit design, more stable and secure 
    6.Maximum height is 1900mm, height adaptor optional, satisfy different customer requirements.
    7.Control system use PCB and Siemens electrical parts, stable performance
    Ideal choice for quick tire replacement and simple service.


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