sunshine—AUTOPROMOTEC 2019

AUTOPROMOTEC is an important exhibition in the field of automobile maintenance and repair in Western Europe. It is a large-scale automobile parts and tires exhibition in Europe. It is one of the important exhibitions to expand the business channels of automobile parts in Europe.


  Ever since sunshine was founded, it has created one miracle after another, and has left a great deal of light in the history of the world's 3D aligner. With mature technology, people-oriented service concept, demanding details of the perfect craftsman Sunshine to lead the whole 3D four wheel locator industry innovation. This exhibition sunshine bring a new generation of 3D four-wheel locator and suitable lift machine again.



  With the implementation of global marketing strategy and market development, the international market competitiveness is also increasingly prominent. Many resources in the world contribute to the rapid growth of the sunshine brand. Through efforts to expand the global distribution network, enhance the value of the sunshine brand, Step by step promote the international market share, mold the global famous brand image, realize the global sunshine famous brand auto insurance product made in China reputation. Sunshine will lead the industry trend, and create a brilliant automobile market with you. Believe that "made in China" sunshine will be in the world 3 D-wheel aligner in the field of a more dazzling light, thus in the global interpretation of more wonderful "China Story." In the future you will open a new chapter in the future together with sunshine.