• July

     We produced the first cable-computerized wheel alignment

  • 2000

  • May

    Laser wireless(infrared communication)computerized wheel alignment was developed successfully

  • 2003

  • October

    The debelopment of communications products symbolized our company technology enter the latest filed

  • 2004

  • May

    We produced the first CCD wheel alignment in China

  • 2005

  • March

    The first truck wheel alignment of china was developed and promoted to the market

  • 2006

  • September

    The hardware and software system of CCD wheel alignment updated completely, achieve electric turnplate function

  • 2007

  • December

    Laser wheel alignment technology updated completely, achieve electric horizon,electric turnplate function

  • 2009

  • August

    The first 3D wheel alignment of China was developed and promoted to the market

  • 2010

  • September

    Domestic top-grade ultimate 3D alignment formally promoted to the market

  • 2011

  • May

    The first automatic track function in China which controlled the camera beam lifting by software was promoted to the market

  • 2012

  • March

    The diamond edition 3D wheel alignment SX-G9 with the best domestic software and hardware configuration was promoted to the market

  • 2013

  • March

    VIN code is adopted to auto data,updates completely, owns fullest auto data in the world

  • 2014

  • August

    3D aligner software with new data structure developed successfully, give customer more excellent experience in measuring speed, precision and stability

  • 2016

  • January

    3D wheel aligner 5,000,000 pixel camera,small target board , 3 point clamp promoted to the market successfully

  • 2017

  • August

    The perfect alignment software with pioneering adjusting instruction function listed.

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