Sun Qiwei: expert in four-wheel positioning theory and practice

Having been engaged in the automotive aftermarket for 15 years, China's four-wheel positioning theory and practice combined with the strength of experts - the service technical support and service system operation management of the four-wheel positioning equipment, with a relatively in-depth and systematic understanding of the company's series of products, through the accumulation and summary of equipment cases, the analysis of equipment cases is relatively sufficient, and can accurately provide professional technical advice and guidance for end customers. Over the years, it has actively promoted the construction of service professionalization, optimized the work standards, specifications and rules of service engineers, and effectively supervised, assessed and encouraged the improvement of the comprehensive quality of service behavior and service business skills, so that service engineers can be more enthusiastic, professional and efficient to serve the broad customer base. At the same time, we look forward to exploring the shared service model with you in the Internet era, so that services are always available and everywhere; Let your purchase experience be carefree!