Four-wheel positioning operation and equipment maintenance procedures

1、The equipment must be operated by specially trained and qualified personnel;

2、Check before positioning:

1.Check the vehicle suspension system,bearing,steering system,etc.for clearance and damage;

2.Vehicle load:the standard is empty,and it is not allowed to carry goods or people;

3.Check the tire pressure and vehicle height to ensure that the pressure and vehicle height are standard and consistent;

3、Standard process of four-wheel alignment

1.The vehicle drives onto the positioning platform smoothly,the direction is aligned,the engine is turned off,and the wedge block is placed on the left rear wheel;

2.Install the fixture and target disk,and the target disk shall be vertical and face the camera as far as possible;

3.Turn on the computer,select the vehicle type,enter the detection interface,and push the vehicle smoothly and uniformly according to the computer requirements;

4.Measure the kingpin parameters:install the brake retainer,pull out the lock pin of the steering wheel,and turn the steering wheel at a constant speed according to the computer prompts(turn the steering wheel by 20 degrees and the maximum position as required,and read the steering forward spread and the maximum steering angle);

4、Positioning parameter adjustment

Adjust or replace parts according to the deviation of positioning angle data.Note that the adjustment sequence is:from the rear wheel to the front wheel,adjust the kingpin first,then camber,and finally adjust the toe in of the front wheel;

5、Commissioning and review

After the above positioning adjustment,it is necessary to conduct a test run.During the road test,it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the appropriate road conditions and speed,and observe the stability and handling of the vehicle when driving.

6、Maintenance of four-wheel aligner

1.Computer operation and maintenance:(1)The computer must be turned on and off safely.It is forbidden to press the power switch or reset switch when the computer is turned on;(2)Please do not modify the factory settings at will to avoid affecting the normal operation of the computer;(3).Do not use the computer for non-four-wheel positioning operations,such as watching VCD,listening to CD or playing games,to avoid operating system failure due to improper software installation or system crash due to virus attack;(4)Do not plug and unplug such as serial port equipment,parallel port equipment,keyboard or other I/O equipment with power;(5).Keep the computer clean and avoid the impact of static electricity on hardware equipment.

2.Beam and camera maintenance:regularly clean the beam and camera frame,and prohibit the beam and camera from violent vibration;

3.The surface of the target disk is required to be clean and regularly wiped with a soft dry cloth to avoid surface scratches;

4.Tighten the connecting bolts of the fixture regularly to prevent loosening,and lubricate the fixture screw rod and movable rod;The fixture and target disk should be handled with care,and should be properly protected on the bracket when not in use,so as not to affect the measuring accuracy and equipment life due to damage;

5.Maintenance of steering wheel:regular cleaning,lubrication and fastening;

6.When the equipment needs to be calibrated,it must be completed by professional technicians.

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